• best of 2012

2012 was quite an amazing year –– many thanks to all the folks who helped along the way, making it such a success, and to all those who listed elementary calculus as one of the best books of the year...


/// alec soth


/// joerg colberg - conscientious


/// christian patterson


/// TIME lightbox


/// shane lavalette


/// matthew carson – international center of photography


/// bernard yenelouis - international center of photography


/// adam bell


/// have a nice book (salva lopez)


/// claxton projects


/// lost in publications


/// feature shoot


/// nevermore (daiki usui)


/// telerama (pdf)


best wishes to all in the coming year!!!

• in the shadows of a wall

"If the signal figure of contemporary economic life is the illegal immigrant, the symbolic figure of contemporary political life must be the border: that intangible construct which materialises in order to separate those with rights from those without.

J’s wonderful first book, Elementary Calculus, is swarming with borders: they contain that which is at once beautiful and distant, harbour symbols of peace, absorb within them the etched hopes of the nameless, prop up those with little support and less freedom, demarcate territory, decry the indifference of chance, police access, are incessantly traversed by animals indifferent to their symbolism, provide respite, serve as message boards, clarify a ritualised separation, offer hope, labour, contrast and poetic metaphor.

 The story of the plight of the subjects of this book could be read in an inventory of the walls that it depicts."

–– from In the Shadows of a Wall by Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa. read the entire essay at the great leap sideways.

• MACK 2012 catalogue

elementary calculus as featured in the MACK 2012 catalogue.


other 2012 MACK releases to include books by luigi ghirri, thomas demand, anders petersen, lars tunbjork, daniel blaufuks, ron jude, paul graham and anthony hernandez.

check out the full catalogue here.